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Teton Eats: Teton Valley Farmers Market

June 4, 2021
Photo of cabbage

Today marks the return of the beloved Teton Valley Farmers Market, a showcase for locally produced food, crafts, and music.

Beginning at 9 a.m. and running until 1 p.m. in the City Plaza of Downtown Driggs, the Farmers Market is a weekly occurrence in the valley. People of all sorts — farmers, cheesemakers, bakers, artisans, and more — assemble each Friday to bring shoppers an array of delectable and compelling products. The market runs from the first Friday in June to the first Friday in October.

The offerings at the market offer a window into the people of the valley, what they are creating, and what they are interested in. The Teton Valley Farmers Market, which strives “to promote a sustainable community event where the public can learn about the relationship of our local farms and food to the overall health of our valley,” truly is a community staple.

The vendor lineup will change throughout the season, but visitors can expect to see quite a few new faces this year. These will include Fish Creek Gardens, Easy Acres Farms, and Buckaroo Beef & Coffee, among others. They will stand side-by-side with established market favorites, such as Teton Full Circle Farm.

Picture of blueberries and raspberries.
(Courtesy of the Teton Valley Farmers Market Facebook page)

COVID-19 disrupted last year’s market and limited people’s ability to shop local. But that simply means that this year’s market is that much more special. It is already shaping up to be among the most celebrated and best attended to date. But with such anticipation comes the need for some rules. The market operators recently posted a set of guidelines that people should review before attending.

So take an hour before that hike or bike ride and stop by the Teton Valley Farmers Market. Support a local vendor and pick up something beautiful or delicious. Savor some homemade cheese or sink your teeth into a delicious piece of fruit. Take in the music or gaze upon the art. Come connect with this valley and those who call it home.