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Teton Eats: West Side Yard

September 10, 2021
Picking a restaurant often isn’t a simple process. Maybe you have a dog and need to eat outdoors, or you want an extensive beer list to complement your dinner. Fortunately, at Victor’s West Side Yard, just about any need can be met — and you won’t be disappointed by the excellent menu, either. …
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Teton Eats: Teton Valley Farmers Market

June 4, 2021
Today marks the return of the beloved Teton Valley Farmers Market, a showcase for locally produced food, crafts, and music. Beginning at 9 a.m. and running until 1 p.m. in the City Plaza of Downtown Driggs, the Farmers Market is a weekly occurrence in the valley. People of all sorts — farmers…
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Teton Eats: Pizzeria Alpino

March 12, 2021
New restaurants always stir up excitement here in Teton Valley, but the enthusiasm that greeted Driggs’ Pizzeria Alpino when it opened in January was something special. “Best pizza in Teton Valley,” wrote one customer in an online review. “Couldn’t recommend Alpino more!” wrote another. For J…
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Discover Culinary Excellence at Forage Bistro & Lounge in Teton Valley

March 2, 2021
Elevating Dining to New HeightsA Culinary Journey Led by PassionA Seasonal Culinary AdventureExpanding Horizons: Citizen 33 BreweryBalancing Work and Play Teton Valley has witnessed a remarkable culinary transformation over the years, and one restaurant that stands out in this gastronomic ren…
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Badger Creek Cafe: Where Culinary Passion Meets Community Love

January 15, 2021
The Recipe for SuccessA Touch of Home in Every BiteA Local Favorite and Visitor’s DelightAdapting and ThrivingA Place Where Passion Thrives Nestled in the heart of Tetonia, Badger Creek Cafe is a dining establishment that oozes warmth, charm, and a down-to-earth ambiance. You’d be forgiven fo…
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