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About Us

Wydaho Property Management is a full-service home care company — our mission is to deliver a streamlined, hassle-free experience to every owner and guest. With our technological expertise, experience in hospitality, and passion for the Teton Valley community, we stop at nothing to provide the best services and most memorable experiences.
Jim, Mary, Emma, and Will

Who We Are

Wydaho Property Management is owned by Jim and Mary Sheehan, who retired to Teton Valley to fulfill their dream of living near the mountains. Wydaho is operated by their daughter, Emma Tomer, and her husband, Will. This community is near and dear to their hearts. Together, they bring decades of technology and hospitality experience to provide high-quality home care and vacation rental service in Teton Valley.
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What We Do

Using an array of digital tools and marketing experience, we offer a robust set of services to serve the needs of any property owner in Teton Valley. Our experienced, detail-oriented staff are equipped to look after any home. And for those interested in vacation rentals, our use of technology and analytical data allow us to maximize reservations for our clients’ properties. We then turn those reservations into 5-star experiences for our mutual guests with speedy, attentive, top-tier service. We strive to please property owners and guests in equal measure.
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Our Philosophy

We want to make the Teton Valley your home away from home with our commitment to detail-oriented care, rapid response times, and service with a personal touch. We will handle everything from maintenance and housekeeping to concierge services so that you or your guests can relax as soon as you arrive. Our range of services are geared to provide homeowners peace of mind knowing their asset is in trustworthy hands.