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Discover the Magic of Packsaddle Lake: Your Ideal Summer Adventure

April 30, 2021
View of Packsaddle Lake

As the days grow longer, and the warmth of summer approaches, there’s no better time to plan your next outdoor escapade. Teton Valley beckons with an array of incredible options for adventure seekers, but today, we’re shining a spotlight on a cherished destination that’s adored by both locals and visitors — Packsaddle Lake.

Hidden Gem in the Big Hole Mountains

Nestled in the serene embrace of the Big Hole Mountains on the western side of Teton Valley, Packsaddle Lake promises a treasure trove of natural beauty and outdoor excitement. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, tackle a moderately challenging hike, and bask in the pristine waters of a stunning alpine lake.

Reaching Packsaddle Lake offers a choice of two routes, ensuring there’s an option suitable for everyone’s adventure preferences.

The Short and Sweet 1.5-Mile Hike

For those seeking a shorter, more leisurely journey, start your adventure by heading north out of Driggs, toward Tetonia. Take a left onto W 4000 N, and continue for about 9 miles. Then, make a left turn onto Packsaddle Road, and after that, another left onto Packsaddle Lake Road, which will lead you to the trailhead. (For your convenience, here is a link to Google Map directions.) Please note that the road can be somewhat steep, so a vehicle with four-wheel drive is highly recommended.


The Adventurous 5.2-Mile Hike

If you’re looking for a more extended and challenging hike, you’ll follow a similar path, but with a slight variation. Stay on Packsaddle Road for a more extended period, and then make your way onto Hoopes Road as it transforms into the trail that guides you to the lake. (Again, here’s a link to Google Map directions for your reference.)

A Journey Through Nature’s Tapestry

As you embark on your hike, you’ll find yourself meandering through the lush and tranquil forest, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. The trail is a window to picturesque vistas, offering you awe-inspiring views of the majestic Tetons. These vistas are nothing short of spectacular and are bound to leave you spellbound.

Packsaddle Lake: The Destination

When you finally arrive at Packsaddle Lake, a world of possibilities unfolds before you. The crystal-clear, turquoise waters invite you to take a refreshing swim or embark on a leisurely boat ride. Anglers can cast their lines into the lake and try their luck at catching trout. If you’re in the mood for a peaceful lakeside retreat, set up your camp and relish the tranquility by the water’s edge. There’s truly no wrong way to savor the beauty of Packsaddle Lake.

A Day in Paradise

So, gather your picnic supplies, load up the car, and embark on the short drive to Packsaddle Lake. Whether you’re with your family, accompanied by a four-legged friend, or venturing solo, this local gem promises an unforgettable summer experience. The enchanting blend of natural wonders, outdoor activities, and serene landscapes makes Packsaddle Lake a must-visit destination as the summer sun graces Teton Valley. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Packsaddle Lake this summer!